2 Main St, Cushendun. BT44 0PH

Door of Thrones®


Experience Northern Ireland Game of Thrones ® territory and discover the doors which tell the story of season 6.

The Dark Hedges is a beautiful avenue of eighteen century beech trees that were planted by the Stuart family to impress visitors as they approached the house and the stunning trees remain.  Used as a backdrop for Kingsroad they have now become an iconic site.

InJanuary 2016 a storm swept the island bringing down some of these famous trees.  The word from the fallen trees was salvaged and transformed into unique works of art in the form of 10 intricately crafted doors.  Using iconic symbols and key scenes from the show, the doors work together to tell the tale of Season 6.  The craftsmanship used to carve these doors is almost as breathtaking as Games of Thrones® itself (almost).

With the culmination of Season 6 the doors have formed a Game of Thrones® trail connecting 10 pubs and restaurants with filming locations across Northern Ireland - so if you come across a door, you'll know you're in Game of Thrones® territory.


For information on the other door visit the Discover Northern Ireland website.